#14 – Peter Chan Jr.: eCommerce Marketing Expert on Building a Skill Set that Will Work for a Life Time

Peter Chan Jr. is a eCommerce Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur who completely changed his life around. He is a Shopify Master.


Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Peter Chan Jr. answers on and talks about: 


  • Don’t be stuck in the 9 to 5.
  • Have the dream of doing something something besides school. An escape to freedom!
  • “Entrepreneurs fear getting a job when everyone else fear losing a job”
  • In the first couple of years, where you having successes or ... just constant feedback on eCommerce?
  • I found in eCommerce a business model that resonates more with me
  • In the beginning is 90% mental. You don't know what are you good at.
  • I dropped out my major and I started taken Business classes
  • I really recommend learning internet marketing... I chose internet marketing as my vehicle
  • What direction would you tell people to go to start getting solid results let's say 10% of the result you are getting financially if the put the work and the consistency?
  • Learn a skill...
  • Don't spend all your money in parties
  • After rejection and start getting first clients & income, what would you recommend taking to go to the next level?
  • How did you change your mindset?
  • Have a gratitude feeling!
  • You really have to change your mindset?
  • What breakthrough you had to get to the point to give a BIG cheque to your mother? What was the feeling of giving that cheque?
  • Any plans to giving back to people?
  • I upload youtube videos to help people and give more options to learn
  • Three tips to build a sustainable business: TAS
  • I think TAS is the future.
  • Why eCommerce for you?
  • Do you have Mentors in your journey?
  • Put your EGO and follow someone who did it before...
  • How can I reach out mentors? What strategy do you use?
  • Build a relationship with the mentorship first
  • Did you make partnership in the past and what did you learn?
  •  A partner means: You double up the business not you split the business in half
  • Choosing the road less taken
  • What would be the 3 top habits that you implemented in your life that helped you to have the success you have in your life?
  • Not to be so harsh on yourself. Everyone has its own journey!
  • Learn the money work for you. Outsource early! If you wanna grow you need to let go
  • What is success to you?
  • What are your "Words 2 Success"?


His Top Books:

  1. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill's
  2. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  3. Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

  5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey


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-- Founder & Host of the "Words 2 Success" Show -- , Juan Grey

Juan Grey is a Canadian Actor, Writer, Producer and young Entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada. For as long as he can remember, the entertainment industry has been at the forefront of his mind. However, before he took the plunge, he pursued a soccer career, quickly earning his reputation as a high-level athlete. After sustaining several injuries, he did some soul searching and ultimately decided to become an actor. Since that pivotal moment, he has shared the stage and screen with various renowned names in the industry.

Juan performed in Teesri Duniya Theatre's production of Refugee Hotel, was in ID Discovery's series, Outlaw Tech, and has appeared in an episode of CBC's dramatic series, Bellevue, starring Anna Paquin, as well as in the Canadian Screen Award winning series, 19-2. Most recently, Juan can be seen in the new SYFY series "Deadly Class" by The Russo Brothers.


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