Action Challenges (AC): What Is Your Definition Of Family?

Welcome to the Words2Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

This is the shortest version of the new W2S episodes called: Action Challenges (AC) for your personal transformation.

This time your personal transformation will start when the question: "What is your definition of family?" is answered within you, and you start taking the recommended actions by Juan Grey.

So be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his valuable words.





-- Founder & Host of the "Words 2 Success" Show -- , Juan Grey

Juan Grey is a Canadian Actor, Writer, Producer and young Entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada. For as long as he can remember, the entertainment industry has been at the forefront of his mind. However, before he took the plunge, he pursued a soccer career, quickly earning his reputation as a high-level athlete. After sustaining several injuries, he did some soul searching and ultimately decided to become an actor. Since that pivotal moment, he has shared the stage and screen with various renowned names in the industry.

Juan performed in Teesri Duniya Theatre's production of Refugee Hotel, was in ID Discovery's series, Outlaw Tech, and has appeared in an episode of CBC's dramatic series, Bellevue, starring Anna Paquin, as well as in the Canadian Screen Award winning series, 19-2. Most recently, Juan can be seen in the new SYFY series "Deadly Class" by The Russo Brothers.

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