Alex Lombard: Digital Entrepreneur, Speaker and Influencer on How to Keep Going Through Hard Times

Alex Lombard is a digital entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, as well as CEO and founder of VisionWall INC. Where he helps create online influence for entrepreneurs through features in major publications and scaling their presence on Instagram.


VisionWall is also Alex Lombard's personal brand that shows his own journey as an entrepreneur along with doing large promotional campaigns.


Alex sells a variety of digital products helping people gain awareness around themselves online.


At we stand, Alex owns three brands on Instagram reaching over 1.1 million combined followers with the following Instagram Accounts:


@visionwall (~200k personal page) (~800k followers)

@invigor8.official (~130k company page)


A couple of influencers Alex's companies have worked with include: Dean Graziosi, Rob Sperry, Dan Lok, Ryan White, Henry Kaminski.


Be sure to tune in to Alex Lombard’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show as he answers powerful questions such as:


  • As a digital entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, What is it that brings you the more joy right now?… Adventure…


  • Let’s go back a little bit in time. Let me meet 18 year old Alex, how is it different than Alex right now?… Death broke… I was a very negative person…


  • What would you say to someone who hasn’t clarity at that age (around 20 years old)?… First don’t freak out… You have to know what you want..


  • You said you got an opportunity @ 21 years old that changed your mindset. What was the opportunity about?… Healthy energy drink… I said yes… I wanna change…


  • What would you say the number one skill that has helped you to get you where you are right now?… Relationships… Your network of people is your network…


  • What did you learn working with influential people?… They are really just normal people, human beings…


  • How do you structure your day?… A daily routine…


  • Do you have any kind of systems that you do on a day to day basis that keep you in the direction you want to be going?… Write your goals down…


  • What would be the biggest inside that you got from mastermind with other great people?… Your environment is powerful… Masterminds really raise the energy to life…


  • What is Success to Alex Lombard?


  • What would you say to someone who is struggling in life, the darkest time?… Just keep going…


  • What will be your Words 2 Success?


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