Andreea Dutescu Vanacker: Creative Strategist & CEO on the Impact of AI on Humanity

In today’s show, Juan Grey interviews Andreea Dutescu Vanacker on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on humanity and much more...


Andreea is a creative strategist, author, speaker, entrepreneur with extensive international experience. Passionate about accelerating growth for companies and individuals, while making a positive impact on this world. Proven track record in start-ups and international organizations. Extensive experience in managing global operations, P&L, internationally dispersed teams, and in creating memorable employee and customer experiences. Worked with clients in the manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, luxury, service and retail industries in all corners of the world. Multi-lingual (English, French, Romanian and Spanish), with a Ph.D. in Economics, a Masters in Finance, BAA in Finance and International Business, and Private Pilot. Author and sought-after speaker.


Today on the W2S, Andreea shares her extensive international experiences & value to answer interesting questions & comments such as:


  • Who is Andreea Vanacker?


  • You are CEO of SparkX5, can you tell us about that? 


  • Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) already implemented in your application? What have you learned from AI?


  • Do you consider yourself as a technical founder? What did you know about technology when you joined this space?


  • What do you do on a daily basis that contributes to the team in SparkX5?


  • What are some practical advice for young CEO's?


  • How do you track your progress as a leader?


  • What things you didn't know that were also your responsibilities as a CEO when you started at SparkX5?


  • Coming back... How do you see AI and how do you think AI will affect humanity?


  • Are you a frequent investor? Do you love Art? What advice do you have for Artists? How do you reach out to a company as an Artist?


  • What advice do you have for entrepreneurs that are going through difficult moments in their companies?


  • Anything else that you do to build your self- mastery process?


  • Is meditation something that you noticed on high executives, CEO's?


  • Do you practice meditation very often before important meetings?


  • Do you read a lot of books? What do you read?


  • What do you see in a mentee to say that you will take the time to mentor this person?


  • Before we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to tell the new generation ?


  • What would be your "Words 2 Success"?


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