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Matthew Emerzian is a speaker, author, and Founder of the not-for-profit organization Every Monday Matters.

Matthew created the concept behind Every Monday Matters over ten years ago when he himself was struggling with depression and anxiety. He was unhappy with his job in the music industry and the overall quality of his life and took some time to reflect. During this time, Matthew worked to rekindle his happiness and positively impact the lives of those around him and, in doing so, recognized the power Mondays have in setting the tone for the rest of the week. Matthew's published his first book in 2008 under the same title and it was soon after adopted as an employee engagement program that has reached over 60,000 employees and a student curriculum taught to over 1.4 million students across the country. Now, with his new book, corporate leaders, overworked adults, senior citizens, and even young students are taught the same message -- you matter -- and Matthew's book and program help them understand why.

Matthew's new book, "Every Monday Matters: How to Kick Your Week Off with Passion Purpose and Positivity", takes readers on a 52-week journey with actionable steps to reconnect what really matters, redefine their purpose, and learn to create a larger impact. The book is broken down into thirteen themed chapters, offering readers mindful moments to process and opportunities to engage each month.

His mission is to grow and scale companies by creating a movement.

He is an Apple and Aiesec Alumnus. He is also a resident teacher at Ninja Marketing, the biggest online marketing school in Italy, where he teaches on how to launch products and sell them online.

He is passionate about leadership, personal growth, entrepreneurship and, obviously, Italian food.


In today’s Words2Success (W2S) showJuan Grey interviews Matthew Emerzian on:


  • Let's go over your TEDx Talk... And taking action to impact the world.


  • What is that your company that "Every Monday Matters" does?


  • You were in the music industry for 10 years, what made you change to where you are right now? What was your wake-up call?


  • Give me a couple of things that people can do to impact the world every day, and I will do it too


  • What is the most excited thing in your life?


  • What is your advice for young entrepreneurs to let them know that they matter?


  • Now, what advice can you tell to those artists that they are getting ready to put their words out to the world, but they do not do it?


  • Is there any other books that have inspired you?


  • What would be your WORDS2SUCCESS?


More information about Matthew Emerzian: 


Every Monday Matters Organization


"Every Monday Matters: How to Kick Your Week Off with Passion Purpose and Positivity" BOOK


Matthew Emerzian - TEDx Talk


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