Ron Kitchens: Entrepreneurial Leader & CEO on Encouraging and Inspiring Leaders to Greatness

Ron Kitchens is an entrepreneurial leader and expert on innovation-lead business transformation who has consulted and coached thousands from small businesses to Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), U.S. Senators to Faith-Based Leaders.


Ron Kitchens is the CEO and the senior partner of "Southwest Michigan First", an economic consulting firm, which has grown compounded revenue at 20 percent annually during his 14 years as CEO. The organization was also recognized by Best and Brightest Companies to Work For and Outside Magazine as the best place to work in America in 2018 under Kitchens’ leadership.


In his new upcoming book "Uniquely You":



Ron Kitchens combines stories from his life journey with his sharp business acumen to guide readers in unlocking the keys to their own success.


Today on Words 2 Success (W2S)Ron Kitchens will captivate your attention with his wisdom as he answers powerful questions such as: 


  • Who is Ron Kitchens and how did you get started in this path to become a CEO of a very big company?


  • If we go back when you were nineteen what are the things that would help you to know what you know right here right now?


  • What is what you look for in a leader?


  • Once you invest in a company, what are the piece of advices you give to the founder team/the people in charge?


  • What are those 3 actions that every CEO needs to do everyday?


  • How do you create a board of advisors?


  • What other powerful questions do you love to ask like the last question from John Maxwell?


  • If I ask as a leader in my 20's right now, what are the things that I should be careful of?


  • Success as a materialistic thing, can you talk about?


  • What advice do you have for young people to complete a road map for their lives when they do not necessary know what do they want, what to end up yet?


  • What was the process of writing your upcoming third book: "Uniquely You"?


  • Ron, if we go into the future a couple of years, what do you hope to accomplish that you haven't accomplished yet?


  • What was the most interesting process of writing a book for you?


  • What are your "Words 2 Success"?


Be sure to tune in to Ron Kitchens’ episode, and listening to his great value to encourage and inspire emerging and existing leaders to greatness. As well as head over to the additional information about him:


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