#1 Stefan James: Serial Entrepreneur on Life Mastery

Stefan James is an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, philanthropist, and world traveler with an obsession for mastering every area of his life, fulfilling his potential as a human being and making a difference in the lives of others. He reaches millions of people through his online videos, training programs and masterminds.


Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Stefan James:


  • 2 min:32 sec - Once I discovered the world of self-development, I realized that I can change my life, I can be whoever I want to be…


  • 6 min :17 sec - Someone has an audience... What would be your advice on how to listen to them, on how to ask them like what it is what they want to get, to be able to create a product...


  • 15 min: 58 sec - If you can go back 10 years and install 3 habits to your morning ritual ... What those 3 habits would be...


  • 21 min: 43 sec - What is the vision for my business and my career?...


  • 24 min: 49 sec - If someone wants to model Stefan James right now.. What are the things, the main things you will teach...


  • 29 min: 21 sec - As an Entrepreneur, as an Artist... How will you go about finding your ideal partner...


  • 39 min: 06 sec - The worst advice that ever got was to be yourself…be your best-self!…


  • 45 min: 00 sec - What is the meaning of success to you?


  • 48 min: 26 sec - I think Entrepreneurs they have to work smarter not just harder...


  • 49 min: 16 sec -  What would you write down in a piece of paper if you have to leave on that day and hand it? And what would be your Words 2 Success?


3 top recommended books read by Stefan James in the past year:


  1. The 100: A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History
  2. 50 Psychology Classics
  3. Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself


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Congratulations to Stefan James for being featured in "Entrepreneur.com" in January 10th, 2019

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Juan performed in Teesri Duniya Theatre's production of Refugee Hotel, was in ID Discovery's series, Outlaw Tech, and has appeared in an episode of CBC's dramatic series, Bellevue, starring Anna Paquin, as well as in the Canadian Screen Award winning series, 19-2. Most recently, Juan can be seen in the new SYFY series "Deadly Class" by The Russo Brothers.


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